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Introduction of Beijing Red Cross Emergency Rescue Center
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Beijing Red Cross Emergency Rescue center (999) is subordinate to Beijing Red Cross. It is a public institution formally approved by Beijing municipal commission office. Nearly two million person-times of various kinds of patients have been rescued since it was opened on 18th, May, 2001. Meanwhile, "999" has been assisting the government to offer Beijing citizens the first-aid treatment and medical rescue supports.

Now, there are 203 ambulances and 130 first-aid stations in "999", which are all in the charge of "999" headquarters. The command center of "999" covers an area of 2000 square meters with 103 dispatch and command seats as well as 2000 alarm lines for first aid and emergency rescue services. Advanced intelligent digital controlling platform can automatically analyze the nearest vehicle and the best driving route. With its help, dozens of ambulances can be sent within 2 seconds from appropriate stations to the sites of unexpected incidents or multi-spot accidents at the same time. "999" acts together with 110, 122, 119, and 120. Once there is an emergency incident, the wounded would be saved while the accident is being dealt with, to shorten the response times and increase the success rate of rescue.

Since "999" is launched, we have participated in large amount of major accidents and incidents throughout the whole country. As the earthquake relief efforts participant in Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake, we were twice awarded the honor of "National hero team in earthquake rescue" by the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the China State Council, and the China Central Military Committee.

According to the requests of the higher authorities, "999" has formally established the Beijing Public Health Incident Command Center, started to used Beijing 120/999 Joint Emergency Rescue Command and Dispatch Platform, and achieved the goal of "information exchanging, coordinative dispatching, two network linkage and unified commanding" 999 also launched the campus security activities for all the schools in Beijing and the scenic spot security activities by installing emergency hedge equipment.

In order to provide professional, highly efficient and good-quality air rescue services to patients at home and abroad, "999" established the first center applying motorcycle, fixed wing aircraft and helicopter to emergency rescue services, playing the function of emergency rescue and transport within and among cities with the real three-dimensional rescue system. Within the next two years, 999 will potentially launch a project to establish international ward and aim to provide international standard and personalized medical service for high-end patients all over the world.

"999" will go on to carry forward the Red Cross spirit of humanity, fraternity, dedication, and contribute to Beijing emergency rescue career all the time!

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